We fight against the banality of today’s music industry.

Synaesthetic Productions is based in London (UK) and Shanghai (China).

The founding members are:

mirko 2014 n.jpg


Creative director in visual communication & branding, ambient/ cinematic musician, visual artist, transmedia storyteller.


During the last two decades he's been working for international brands and agencies (in Asia and Europe), delivering impactful visual communication experiences while leading teams of designers, researchers, writers, into a consistent and distinctive voice.


As a member of the collective Parallel Dimensions, he put on art installations and performances in private art galleries and museums across Northern Italy in places like Brescia, Milan, Verona and Bologna. He continued his pursuit of the arts in Shanghai and started Deus Ex Machina with Gianpietro Veronese, a multi-instrumentalist and a medievalist. The duo worked mostly around audio-video live performances, transforming and reinterpreting medieval music and paintings. As a solo artist he worked extensively on photographic artworks, culminating in two art shows, Isolation 

and Suddenly Human. 


Mesmerised by the interdependence of space, art installations and sound, Mirko continues to explore ambient, cinematic and experimental music, under the name Cupid on Cocaine.




Sound Designer and Mixing Engineer for Film and Music. Multi-Instrumentalist and classical composer, turned music producer and sound designer.


Ever since a young age he showed interest in various musical elements and genres; which ultimately led him to pursuing the study of various instruments (Piano, Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass and Jazz Trombone)  as well as different aspects of music itself. 

He studied his first undergraduate course in Music Composition at St. Scholastica’s College (in Manila, Philippines); after completion he shifted his attention towards music production and in 2015, he moved to London to study Professional Sound Production at ACM. He finished with first degree honours and has since been working with emerging Indie bands both in UK and Europe.

His intrigue towards sound has recently led Manuel towards the realms of film Sound Design and Mixing, with the occasional opportunity for composition.


Most recently he was made Department Head of Sound for the Independent Film “Filipiñana”: giving him full responsibility over the recording, mixing, sound design and other tasks besides. 



Digital humanist, visual artist, musician, educator and art director at 1Laowai Studio in Shanghai [China], he’s been professor of photography, fashion photography, contemporary arts and visual design at IED [European Institute of Design] in Milano [Italy] and at LABA Academy of Arts in Brescia [Italy]. 


Academic leader of Visual Communication Design Program at Yunnan Technology and Business University in Kunming [China], former academic director at LABA International Academy of Arts in Ningbo [China] and educational manager at DeTao Masters Academy • Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in Shanghai [China], Andrea has always been fascinated by the power of images and words and how they influence our everyday life. 


After his master degree in “Performing and Performance Arts", he therefore specialized in Cultural Semiotics [the study of meaning-making focused on literature, visual media and visual literacy] to discover the mechanism of human perception regarding the process by which people exchange information.